Company History


  • The Orca Family keeps expanding further. We develop the new Orca K2 and K4, which achieved great success both in Hungary and abroad.
  • We attained new retail sellers in England, Germany, Austria and Ireland.
  • Together with Lambda-Com Group we organized the ”Strayer Boat” race for second line age group kayak and canoe racers.
    The winner of each event got a “WebEye Strayer Boat”, reviving the tradition of the red boats of Csepel.
    The three best kayak and canoe racers of age 14 can use these boats for a year.
  • LambdaCom Ltd. handed over a custom-made Hody outrigger canoe to Szabó Sándor, handicapped canoe World Champion.
  • “Hody Orca 2011” was introduced. It is a worthy amelioration of the previous successful model with the adjustments of the boat’s gliding and the unusual shape of its deck.
  • We inaugurated the new, European-standard Hody boat-building hall, which provides an increased capacity to comply with our increased orders.
  • The previous Hody sport logo is followed by the new Hody concept, however the firm’s commitment to quality remains the same.
  • We organized Szeged World Championship in association with Lambda-Com Group, an MK-4 race, named WebEye Cup.
  • The prizes of the first three finishers were an MK-4, MK-2 and an MK-1 boat.
  • Hody Sport Ltd. took a new direction.
  • The 100% Hungarian owned Lambda-Com Ltd., which achieved international success all over Europe, decided to support Hody Sport Ltd.
  • Hody Sport Ltd. realized the need to improve its products and get financial management support.
  • Hody Sport Ltd. received Hungarian Parliament invitation to present its past and future plans.
  • We became probable to be a Hungaricum.
  • We were invited to attend the Lausanne Conference by International Kayak- Canoe Association amongst the biggest boat manufacturers.
  • Our developments were acknowledged even abroad: one of our self-designed boat obtained the”The Designer of the Winning Kayak” Award.
  • MK-4 race became an independent event according to the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Association.
  • The first MK-4 event was held in Lake Velencei.
  • We developed a brand new boat type, MK-4, which is a racing kayak for children.
  • Our newly designed boat was presented at Tata Fitness Camp in the beginning of 2007.
  • The management of the Kayak-Canoe Association, also the leaders and coaches of each Hungarian club were present at the event.
  • All of them praised our new boat and they declared that it is an important milestone at the upbringing of the second line.
  • We hand over the recently presented first MK-4 to Tata Sport Club.
  • Two university students wrote their thesis about Hody Sport and our product, kayak “Orca”.
  • Hence an objective and accurate study is made about the activity of Hody Sport.
  • We obtained the Malaysia tender, so Hody Sport Ltd. delivered boats to the 2006 Asian Games.
  • Our reasonable prices and short delivering terms are the main reasons we won the tender against five other applicants (amongst Chinese).
  • We deliver MK-1 and MK-2 boats for the English Kayak-Canoe Association.
  • English children are very much satisfied with our boats and the president of the Association expressed his gratitude and appreciation in a friendly letter to us.
  • As a gesture of their satisfaction they closed their tender with the acknowledgement of Hody boats success and stability.
  • We made a sponsorship contract with Tata Honvéd Club: from now on we support them each year with new boats.
  • Since then the Club has changed its name to “Hody Sport of Tata”.
  • We had succeeded in obtaining the Turkish national tender.
  • Subsequently, Turkish Kayak Sport started off with Hody boats.
  • We received our first bigger order, a delivery of 76 boats to Japan.
  • Marc Oldershow, Canadian racer won two gold medals in Brazil, at the Youth World Championship with his Hody Sport self-designed canoe, called “Croky”.
  • One of our most successful year of developments.
  • We reached a great professional breakthrough by the development of “Orca K-1”.
  • The Norwegian kayak racer, Knut Holmann had entered the 2000 Olympics with our “Orca” type kayak.
  • He won in Men’s Kayak Single both 500 and 1000 meters.
  • “I won the 1000m race and my boat the 500m” –declared Holmann.
  • We received regular orders from various European Clubs and dealers from England, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey.
  • Besides we delivered boats to Australia, United States, Japan and Malaysia.
  • The following Hungarian top athletes and racers use Hody boats: Kovács Katalin, Dónusz Éva, Gyulai Zsolt, Bártfai Krisztián, Veréb Krisztián, Szádovszky Zsolt és Storcz Botond.
  • Hungarian girls were World Champions with our K-2 and K-4 boats.
  • Breaking into international market: we delivered our boats to Italy, Slovakia and Canada.
  • A Canadian team ordered the first significant quantity of our boats and we complied with their quality and esthetic expectations.
  • Since then, our boats has been delivered to them every year.
  • Hungarian market got acquainted with the products of Hody Sport.
  • We started manufacturing boats for kayak-canoe clubs and associations in the cellar of our private house.
  • Hody Sport was established, which goes back to grandfather’s line.