All Over the World with Orca

Our product Orca became world famous within a short period of time and generated an increased interest in our boats all over the world. The company started to deliver kayaks to most European countries and to nearly every continent such as Australia, Canada, USA, Japan or Malaysia. Hody Sport was welcomed all over the world. Kayak sport in Turkey was started by Hody Sport boats, the English Association was buying crafts from us and we also won the tender of the Asian Games in 2006.

Hody Sport has always paid special attention to the training of youth people and by our own tools we contributed to the upbringing of world famous Hungarian kayak and canoe competitors. We detected the fact that the adult K-4 kayaks are not appropriate for the technical training of kids, neither because of its size, nor because of the unsuitable design of the boats. As a solution, the company designed and developed a brand new boat category, the 4 person mini kayak, the MK-4 Dolphin. Hody Sport is proud to be the sponsor of the Hungarian Youth Kayak Club, the Tata Hody Sport Club, since 2007.

Hody Sport plays a significant role in the worldwide expansion of the kayak sport. In the last 20 years the number of ICF countries increased from 54 to 157 and Hody Sport is well-known as the pioneer and significant representative of the sport. In November 2010 we delivered racing boats to the Kayak Canoe Association in Egypt.

At the end of 2010 Hody Sport took a new direction. A Hungarian company, – LambdaCom Ltd. – which is successful all over Europe with its WebEye logistic services – decided to support Hody Sport Ltd. with financial and management investments. Making use of that Hody Sport did significant developments on the field of its products and processes, as a first result Hody Orca was introduced in 2011– a boat with brand new design and improved sliding power.

The new boat building hall was opened in July 2011, which generates increased capacity for continuous orders and provides the background to build crafts according to high European quality standards. The previously known Hody Sport logo is replaced by the brand new HODY image, which stands for keeping the highest quality standards in the future as well.

About Us

The company Hody Sport and its craft builder team has been dealing with the production of racing kayaks since 1986. We are continuing the tradition of a family enterprise of two generations, which started at the early 1930’s in Budapest. The grandfather of Agnes Hody – one of the owners today – collected his first experiences and professional skills as craft builder. His boats represented high quality standards and also kayak and canoe competitors prized his achievements. Rudolf Jüling – the father of Agnes – worked for 50 years as boat maker and helped many athletes to achieve their success.

At the end of the 70’s, with the appearance of new plastic technologies, it started a brand new era both in the kayak-canoe sport just as in the life of the family enterprise. The professional heritage of Rudolf Jüling was continued by his son-in-law Kalman Hody. He started to apply the new polimer techniques and the world of the kayak sport got to know his products as Hody Sport.

Thanks to the enthusiastic work the impressive development was manifested by the success of famous Hungarian athletes. Hungarian Junior Women became World Champions both in K2 and K4 category in Hody Sport boats.

The national success was followed by international too. The first break through was Knut Holmann’s gold medal in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The Norwegian World and Olympic Champion has chosen for his participation the boat Orca, designed and invented by Hody Sport. He won gold medal both in 500m and 1000m which he thanked to our craft – as he declared in his interview.

“I won the 1000 m race and my boat won the 500 m one.” Knut Holmann