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Reference Letter of the Hungarian Kayak and Canoe Federation

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Reference Letter of the Serbian Canoe Federation

Dear Beatrix!
Thank you very much for sending the canoe. It has arrived in a good condition and is adored by our kids and other training collagues. We are actually in preparation for the german masters and use the canoe daily.By the way we have talked to our local press: They will take photos of the MK 4 and will write an article in our local newspaper  (and special canoe newspaper), so you get the promised public relation.

- Gunnar  -

Dear Beatrix!
There are new inquiries and I am offering your products.People in Turkey already know you and when you say ‘’Hody’’, it makes them feel the confidence. That is so nice!


Dear Beatrix!
I´ve been paddling in an Orca 2001 (Heavyweight) which I´ve been very pleased with. I can buy one of your fantastic wessels, For me Hódysport Orca is the number 1 flatwater racing kayak.

- David Larsen  -

Dear Beatrix!
I have recieved my new kayak. It arrived wednesday.
Wow it looks great!!! Just as nice as you described it. – Good work.
I can´t thank you enough for your outstanding service.

- David Larsen  -

Dear Beatrix!
Michaelas K-1 is extremly good. I like to have one for Ilona as well. We will talk more about that later. But I must say the new model is GREAT.

- Peter Jonsson  -

Dear Kalman!
I received the boat yesetrady. It is beautiful, I also own a plastex and nelo and the quality of the hody is a lot better than my other boats. I am very pleased with it.
Thank you for your time

- John Astbury  -

Dear Hódy!
I met Knut Holeman in Melbourne, I let him Drive my Corvette. He was very tall for the car ! He did like it very much.
If he uses your boats, then I know they are best quality.
Thank you

- Dominick Castellano  -

I have just received my new Orca K1. I am very pleased with the blue colour and the footrest / seat. The other members of my canoe club were also very impressed with the quality of the boat. In future I will highly recommend your company when someone I know is buying a new boat.

- George  -

We are still interested in the production of mini canoes if you make these things in the future. We are still enjoying your products very much and ordering these with Tamas Buday. We choose your boats because of the combination of quality and price. We are now waiting on the delivery of a K2 with Tamas and look forward to its arrival.

- Mike Robinson  -

Dear Mr. Hody!
This weekend i recieved my boat. Everything is perfect.
I’m just sending you this mail to thank you for everything you did for me.

- Tom  -

Dear Kálmán Hódy!
Thank you so very much for being so responsive and helpful.
Our team LOVES your boats and plan on purchasing more of them ASAP

- Genie Donahue
ROCK (Rockaway Olympic Canoe & Kayak)

Dear Beatrix!
I’m sending you e-mail to inform you that boat is great! I realy realy like it. I have already paddle in it and it’s perfect. Thank you for makeing such a great boat for me.

- Barbara-