Touring kayak

About touring kayak

Kayaking is a very popular and adventurous outdoor activity. The passion is all about using a Kayak for moving across water. Over the years this recreational activity has evolved into one of the most popular water sports. Touring kayak is ideal for paddling on open waters, especially on lakes, rivers and the ocean.

Touring kayaks have the ability to travel long distances in open water, therefore they need to be stable. Most are suitable for cruising around rivers and lakes. Touring may vary in size and they are designed to increase lift in waves. When you choose your touring kayak you need to keep in mind safety and dry storage capabilities.


There are more type of touring kayaks, for day touring and multiday touring as well.

Day touring kayaks are generally shorter than multi day touring kayaks and designed for overnight and day touring and also easy to maneuver.

Multiday touring kayaks have more storage space since they are used for longer trips. Their size is longer so they are more difficult to maneuver.

It is a great choice if you’re thinking of buying kayak, since they are really safe, also they have better performance than other recreational kayaks.


The above listed touring kayak models we have: